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Globally headquartered in Shanghai China, ITM provides High quality and perfect performance membrane products and systems for clean water, wastewater and waste water reuse solutions around the globe.

UltraCut 系列超滤膜

For the Concentration/purification/Sepration of the special liquid, UltraCut membranes are researched and devoped for such special application. with the high quality PES materials, UltraCut membrane has the high precision and high capabilities with MWCO=1000-10000.

1. High Permeate Flux – the newly developed high permeability membrane is up to 50% higher than previous version.

2. Excellent Permeate Flux Stability – the ultra smooth membrane surface provides high resistance to membrane fouling.

3. High Permeate Quality – consistent ultra fine MWCO (2000, 6000, 10000).

4. Durable Membrane – the polysulphone (PES).