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Globally headquartered in Shanghai China, ITM provides High quality and perfect performance membrane products and systems for clean water, wastewater and waste water reuse solutions around the globe.

DuraFlux 系列超滤膜

ITM DuraFlux UF membrane is made from top-grade PVDF polymer material forming a proprietary asymmetric capillary fiber that has excellent mechanical strength and superb durability. The membrane is more fouling resistant through the permanent altering of membrane composition to make it more hydrophilic, creating an excellent physical barrier for filtration applications.

The high performance DuraFlux Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane offers alternative in desalination to the depleting fresh water resources and provides significant performance and advantages over conventional technology.

1. High Permeate Flux – the newly developed high permeability membrane is up to 50% higher than previous version.

2. Excellent Permeate Flux Stability – the ultra smooth membrane surface provides high resistance to membrane fouling.

3. High Permeate Quality – consistent ultra fine membrane pores (0.03um) produce high quality permeate (Turbidity<0.2, SDI<2).

4. Durable Membrane – the polyvinlydene fluoride (PVDF).

Operating Parameters:

Module Type

DuraFlux 8040

DuraFlux 8060



PVDF (Polyvinlydene fluoride)

Membrane area



Nominal Pore Size,

0.03µm (30nm)

Operating Conditions

Filtration Flowpath

Outside-In, dead-end or crossflow

Max. Feed Pressure

60Psi, 4Bar

Max. TMP

30Psi, 2Bar

Max. Oper. Temperature


pH Range

Normal running range 2-11

Design Flux

40-120 lmh